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Marble Surface

The Original  Super Shammy Made in Germany!  


  • Holds over 20 times it's weight in liquid
  • Absorbs any liquid in moments from any surface!
  • Great for washing and drying the car.
  • Replaces paper towels for spills and clean up.
  • Machine washable and last for years.
  • Will not scratch or damage surfaces.
  • Makes a Great Towel and safe for pets.
  • Cleans up spills fast, Resistant to chemicals
  • Used by many athletes in the Olympics


Each set contains TWO 20x27 inch Commercial Grade Shammies and ONE 15x15 Kitchen Shammy.

Just like when you see us at the fair, when you purchase 1 set, you get a second set for FREE!  That's a total of 4 of the large shammies and 2 of the kitchen shammies!

Super Shammy

  • BOGO!  That's right!  Just like when you buy from us at the fair when you buy 1 set for $25, you get a second set for FREE!  That gives you a total of 4 Large Shammies and 2 Kitchen shammies!

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