Marble Surface

Carnu-B Wax™ chemically cleans and dissolves discoloration and oxidation as it leaves a protective wax coating. Carnu-B Wax™ eliminates tar, tree sap, road film,bug splats and bird stains. Because Carnu-B Wax™ has no clay fillers it leaves an ultra high gloss shine and mirror like luster without excess dust and powder. Superior ingredients and processing allows Carnu-B to go on smooth and easy.


A little goes a long way!  One bottle will do a full size car 6 times.  Each application lasts for 6 months.  That's a 3 year supply (for one car) in each bottle! 


All Carnu-B Professional Car Care Products are made in the USA right in Meridian, Idaho!


More Info:


Carnu-B Car Wax can be used on any smooth surface including painted surfaces, metals, glass, fiberglass and chrome.  This makes Carnu-B Car Wax a great wax to use on cars, boats, airplanes, motorcycles, RVs, hot tubs, shower stalls, etc.


Carnu-B personally guarantees this to be the best car wax you have ever used or we will buy it back!


  • That's Right! Just like when you see us at the fair, when you buy a bottle you get one FREE!  That's both bottles for $25! Add 1 bottle to your cart and you'll receive 2 upon completion of purchase! Mix and Match!  Want one of these and a different Carnu-B product for your second bottle? Let us know in the Add a Note section of the shopping cart what you want for your second bottle.  If you don't specify a different product for your second bottle, you'll get 2 of these.

  • Carnu-B Car Care Products:

    • Are Formulated for Clear Coats
    • Are Non - Abrasive
    • Are Ultra High Gloss
    • Eliminate Water Spots
    • Remove Swirl Marks
    • Apply with a One Step Application
    • Clean, Shine, and Protect
    • Are very Long Lasting